Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Sunshine on a Rainy Day

It has rained here for two and a half days and I am ready for some sunshine.  But of according to the weatherman if I want sunshine this week I am going to have to make it myself.  So that is exactly what I did - I made a glass of sunshine in the form of a mango smoothie.
Smoothies are one of my all time favorite everyday treats.  I make mine with organic yogurt, frozen fruit or berries and enough skim milk to get it to the right consistency.  I always use the whole frozen fruit or berries instead of fruit juice and ice because it really pumps up the nutritional value while providing a richer, creamier, taste experience.   (And how often can you say the nutritionally better option really does tastes superior??)
Why do I call smoothies my everyday treat?  Because look at all the healthy stuff you have going in there!  Just keep your portion size reasonable if you are concerned about calories and you can treat yourself one any day you want.
One of my really great mommy tricks is swapping in a delicious smoothie in place of ice cream.  My little boy can’t tell the difference.  So he is getting a great serving of fruit and yogurt instead of the loads of empty sugar calories in ice cream.  And the best part is I am the hero mommy who served him “dessert”.  Winning!
Today’s I am serving up a mango smoothie because it really does remind me of sunshine in a glass.  It is super simple - frozen mango chunks, yogurt and milk.  That is it.  Tomorrow when I don’t need sunshine quite so much, I can mix one up with frozen strawberries and kiwi or maybe I will do frozen blueberries and blackberries.  Who knows? The possibilities are only limited by the frozen fruit in your freezer so blend on and enjoy this everyday treat!
Sunshine in a Glass
(a.k.a. Mango Smoothie)
1 heaping cup of frozen mango chunks
1 (6 - 8 oz) container yogurt
1 cup skim milk (use more of less to get to desired consistency)
Place everything in a blender.  Start blending on LOW until well blended. Then increase the speed to HIGH and blend until smooth and creamy.  
This recipe makes 2 reasonable servings or 1 extra large serving (shown in the pictures).

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