Friday, February 20, 2009

Foodie 2.0

If you are looking for food and cooking trends you have come to the right place - just let your fingers do the walking on the world wide web! Consumers are looking for a communities that centers around food. Websites, blogs, iPhone applications even twitter exchanges are rushing to fill this need. And there are places for everyone no matter what their particular food interests or level of engagement maybe.

So where are people going on line? Well that totally depends of course. There are the big dedicated food websites like FoodNetwork or Epicurious for people looking for general information and recipes. These monster sites get more than a million hits a month! There are tons of branded food recipe sites like Kraft that can help you with all kinds of semi-homemade recipes...using their products as a base. There are site dedicated to improving your diet like HungryGirl even specialty diet sites like GluttenFreeGirl. There are niche sites for moms like FoodForTots or upcoming sites for the semi-homemade cooks like FunnySpoon. Of course there are more food blogs than you can shake a stick at. (A couple I like are BecomingAFoodie and FoodMayhem.) You don't even have to go looking for food information just down load a recipe widget that can live on your desktop.

So if you want to be on trend for 2009 jump on-line and go searching for like-minded food souls to connect with. There really is something for eveyone out there.